Building Up Changeable, Dimensional Display Panels

Creating a Foundation

PenAir requested us to design, fabricate and install a multilayer display that would be the centerpiece of their new Airport Location. They also requested having changeable sections that they could change quarterly. They wanted to incorporate their core values along with a client review and testimonial.

We designed an acrylic display that would have multiple layers at different distances overlapping in different areas. Both matte and gloss layers are used to give different finishes and add visual interest. Due to the high number of wall penetrations required we needed to be extremely meticulous in our templating and drilling for the initial hardware. All layers after that would have to line up perfectly to keep all of the different layers aligned properly. The distance from each layer was carefully planned, and we had to guarantee that the correct spacing and standoff was used in each mount. Not all layers had the same spacing at each mounting point.

Layering Up the Display

All graphics are printed second surface to help with cleaning and tampering. Using Visual Magnetic’s Invisilok system will allow us to easily print replacement changeouts for the testimonial sections. Particularly, these changeouts won’t require us to pull the display apart to change. Visual Magnetic’s Invisilok magnetic system allows for three different areas of the information and testimonials to be changed out easily by the client themselves.

Raised laser cut acrylic lettering act as headers showcasing each value and a brief description of the value. A laser cut acrylic logo icon and header act as the center piece. All layers are attached to the wall using MBS aluminum standoffs and caps.

Finishing Touches

Laser cutting all the acrylics allows us to provide a more finished product without having to sand and polish. It also allowed us to cut all the lettering and icon without having to paint. All vinyls used are cast 3M materials and laminates. This unique and dimensional display helps to tie together all the values that make up Pen Air, and presents them in a sleek package.


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