Building Up Changeable, Dimensional Display Panels

Creating a Foundation PenAir requested us to design, fabricate and install a multilayer display that would be the centerpiece of their new Airport Location. They also requested having changeable sections that they could change quarterly. They wanted to incorporate their core values along with a client review and testimonial. We designed an acrylic display that would […]

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Why Wayfinding Is So Important For Your Institution

Gets You Where You’re Going In a new environment? More often than not, you’re already looking for wayfinding cues to figure out where to go. Everything from asking for directions to following the flow of foot traffic and visual signage makes up the world of wayfinding, but we navigate physical (and digital) spaces using the […]

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Environmental Graphics: Thinking Beyond the Sign

When traditional signs are combined with environmental graphics, a unique experience is created within your place of business. Even more impressive is this has been shown to connect your visitors to your branding on a deeper level. As creative sign and design folks, we can’t help but get excited at the potential for awesomeness that lies within […]

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