How to Magnetically Display Company Values

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In today’s fast-paced business world, we need to be open to change and able to adapt quickly. With ControlTac’s premium magnetic sheets, we can help you do just that! It’s important to keep all your wall display signage up to date, especially if your company engages more personally with the public. Keeping information up to date is important for many businesses such as the brand new PenAir Federal Credit Union.

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We just equipped this location on Airport Blvd in Pensacola with beautiful new wall displays! The ContralTac magnetic panels gives PenAir the ability to quickly change out fine-print on their consumer-friendly displays, and also allows them to exchange the graphics with seasonal or special graphics. These magnets can also be easily stored and reused over and over again!

Creating Your Magnetic Wall Display 

These magnetic sheets only take a little bit of patience and time before you’re rapidly on your way to magentic peel-and-stick fun. We custom cut and printed this primary PVC display panel before applying the adhesive magnetic backings. These sheets are attachable to a variety of smooth surfaces such as wood, glass, and plastic. Non-flat surfaces aren’t exempt either, and we can apply these magnetic panels to columns or other fixtures.

Carefully measure out where you would like your magnetic sheet to go and set it in place. Slowly remove the protective waxy paper backing, and begin pressing the  adhesive sheet down by hand. After this, you’ll need to remove any bubbles and ensure a good stick. Use a squeegee and press firmly and smoothly on the magnetic sheet, starting from the interior and working outward.

Magnetic Display Panel

After squeegeeing the magnetic surface and removing any air, you can just align and place your printed magnetic sheet on top. No mess necessary! We then attached the glossy PenAir acrylic logo panel for the finishing touch and an extra level of depth. These magnetic sheets will look beautiful for years to come and now you can keep your customers better informed and engaged with updated signage!

Magnetic Display Panel for PenAir


For more information on getting started with a custom wall display, contact us today for a quote.

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