Best Ways To Get Noticed With Bus Wraps

Bus Wraps

If you have a community vehicle such as a shuttle or bus that could use a new look, vinyl bus wraps can transform it into something bold and different. These rolling billboards create thousands of impressions during their daily service. Because buses typically have a set route, you can even target specific potential customers with your design.

Buses and shuttles have more square feet of advertising space than traditional vehicle wraps. More advertising space gives you more room to show off your brand. Likewise this also means more canvas to get really creative with! Not to mention vinyl even protects the original paint and gives your bus a whole new attitude instantly.

Check out these other creative bus wraps around the world:

Using the details of bus itself can lend a lot to the design of your bus wrap. Consider the placement of wheels and windows and incorporate them into the design. This is a fantastic way to use often forgotten about space and make people do a double-take when they see you coming down the street.

Don’t forget about the back of your bus either! Using the back of your bus and any lights or signage in your wrap design gives it a polished and unique look. Let the last thing someone sees of you down the street be a statement for them to remember you by!

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