Dimensionally Installing Identity Signage

Fishbein Facelift

Fishbein Orthodontics‘ old identity signage had seen better days and was falling apart. An approaching conference was being hosted there, and they wanted to freshen up the exterior. We were contacted to craft their sparkly new signage before the conference, so their sign could shine as brightly as their smiles.

Fishbein Identity Signage Process

The client wanted a sign that would be friendly, and standout to grab nearby traffic attention. We had a small window of time to work in, but we spent two and a half weeks building this sign from the ground up. Subsequently several layers had to be variously designed, cut, painted, printed, and installed for a multidimensional final product.

Identity Signage Solution

Fishbein Identity Signage Process

We had to create a sturdy foundation with wooden beams and white shiplap as our canvas. This base was then topped with crown moulding for a polished and distinguished look. A backing white border coupled with lighter blue outlines for the signage were our first major establishing layers laid down. Large sky blue block lettering was then cut and placed next for the logo text.

Renovated Reveal

Fishbein Identity Signage Process

The iconic Fishbein fish logo was printed on vinyl and applied for a durable and sleek finish. Reverse cut knock-thru lettering was cut out for ‘orthodontics’. Lastly, finishing touches such as Fishbein’s “Live Laugh Smile” slogan and dimensional fishy eyebrows were added. These give the signage character and tons of personality. New signage was priority, but branding in the outer eaves of the building with Fishbein’s fish logo were also added to match the new identity signage. We wrapped up these exterior signage upgrades just in time for their conference, and the client was thrilled with their new signage.


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