How Much Do Car Wraps Cost?

Vinyl By The Foot

When purchasing car wraps, the biggest factor is the square footage of your vehicle. The complexity of the curves may also affect the price per square foot. A professional installation includes these labor fees and intricate work will increase the price of your wrap. This also takes into consideration the removal of any parts like bumpers, lights, and mirrors that may be in the way. The brand and finish of vinyl you decide on, and lamination of the vinyl before application, helps to determine this price as well. Typically wraps stay in good condition for 7 years or more if taken care of. Call us today for a personalized quote on your planned vehicle wrap.

Quick-Change Artist

If you’re just looking to change the appearance of your car without painting, vinyl can do the trick quickly. There’s a huge variety of different specialty vinyls such as chameleon and chrome. Instantly create a stunning new look that will have everyone else on the road rubbernecking! Wraps are ideally for vehicles in good condition. Any dings or a poor paint job will still show under the vinyl. A car wrap preserves the original factory paint for resale value while giving you the custom look you’ve been craving. Wraps are comparable in price to a fresh coat of paint. However, after a few years your vinyl can be peeled back to reveal the original paint.

Custom car wraps by Pensacola Sign

The Whole Nine Yards

If you have a company or personal vehicle that could be advertising for you, a car wrap is perfect for the job. A full wrap is a great way to show off your company’s personality. To make a really big impression, wrap your whole fleet! Even if you have a single delivery truck or company car, wraps help to announce your presence to your customers. This also brings brand awareness to your local community during daily operation.

Partial Procedure

If you don’t want to take the plunge on a full wrap, consider just partial car graphics! Logos and important information like your phone number or address are perfect for vehicle graphics. Custom cut vinyl can be printed and applied to your vehicle anywhere. Special window films are available that allow you to see out of the vehicle clearly making them perfect for partial rear window advertisements. Partial wraps give you the benefits of advertising with car wraps, for only a portion of the price!

Vehicle graphics by Pensacola Sign

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