Transported Through History With A VW Bus Wrap

Birth of the Minivan

The original sketch for a bulbous bus was drafted up by the Dutch VW importer Ben Pon on April 23, 1947, but it wasn’t until years later that it became a reality. The Volkswagen factory had their hands tied up with production of the insanely popular Beetle, called the Type-1. In 1950 the VW Type-2, also commonly called the Transporter, Kombi, Hippie Bus, or microbus, finally hit production lines. These buses have long had use in the advertisement world. Many businesses have used the transporter bus with hand painted graphics.

VW Bus Wrap

Vintage Advantage

Throughout the years the bus has seen many different incarnations. This includes use as a police vehicle, a pickup truck for farming, and even a specialized ambulance model. High-end furnished models from Westfalia became available for luxurious campers with curtains, matching cushions and more. The bus stayed in production until the final factory for the Type-2 closed in Brazil in 2013.VW Bus Wrap

Pop Culturally Priceless

Many of these vintage buses are still on the road and they continue to be popular. The friendly looking bus has endured today as a pop-culture icon with help from movies such as Little Miss Sunshine, and Cars and music icons like Bob Dylan’s album The Freewheelin’. The counterculture movement of the 1960’s fully embraced the laid-back van. With only 25 horsepower to carry around you (and all your friends) you weren’t going to get there fast.

VW Bus Wrap

Put Back To Work With A VW Bus Wrap

Although the bus has become harder to find as time goes by, the personality and appeal of the bus has not declined. Collectors and fans have continued to restore these buses and put them back on the roads. Today they can function as wonderful rolling billboard for your business with a vehicle wrap! Vinyl wraps actually protect the original finish underneath and gives it an extra layer of protection against weather and abrasions. The clean design and long panels make it an excellent choice for a marketing vehicle. Call us today to inquire about a VW Bus Wrap!

VW Bus Wrap

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