Tips for Creating Custom Banners

When most people think of banners, they immediately picture a large, rectangular vinyl banner near a road. At Pensacola Sign however we have modern printing technology and a new variety of materials available for banners that make this vision only the tip of the iceberg. As a result, our options for custom banners and signage are truly endless.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind as you explore beginning your next banner project.


What goal are you trying to achieve with your banner? If you want to drive traffic into your store, you may want a large, traditional vinyl banner. In order to promote a special event or promotion a retractable banner on a stand might fit the need best. Similarly if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to establish a sense of arrival on your campus pole banners are just the ticket.



Like in real estate, location is very important to the selection, design and installation of your promotional banner. For an indoor banner, you’ll need to know the space you have allotted so that the banner you order is the correct size. Especially if your banner will be placed on the exterior of your building, you’ll need to know any permitting or signage regulations that may impact your temporary signage project.

(Hint: Would you like help determining the perfect location for your banner install? Ask a member of the Pensacola Sign team! We’d love to help!) 



  • Vinyl: High-quality printed vinyl banners are durable enough for indoor or outdoor use. Pensacola Sign uses a high-quality vinyl that resists tears and fading and excels in both hot and cold environments.
  • Mesh: We recommend mesh banners for areas where windy conditions may be present. They’re durable and can offer great design along with premium wind-resistant functionality. Ideal for large-format construction fence banners, expansion or grand opening announcements around your property perimeter and more.
  • Fabric: Your logo and promotional message can also be printed on durable polyester fabric for a custom display, tablecloth or flag to advertise your business or promote your event. This includes feather and teardrop flags, table throws and runners, pop-up fabric banners and giant outdoor banner displays, just to name a few.



With the variety of banner options available at Pensacola Sign, we’re sure to find the size and type of banner to best meet your needs and project budget. Contact us today for personal assistance.


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