7 Simple Steps to Great Signage


Let’s finally set the record straight about signage. It can be great! Even the most basic informational sign, safety sign or utility signage can (and should) be great. Corporate identity signs? Yep, those especially should be great too. Here’s why:


  • It helps establish and promote your brand. Your brand is the lifeblood of your business. When you think of Target, instantly you think of a bold red color and big bullseye logos. Take a look up (or around) at their signage next time you’re making a Target run and what do you see? Bingo! Bold red color and big bullseye logos. The reason for consistency and frequency of that branding is it builds in the minds of your consumers and reinforces your marketing message. Now, we know what you’re thinking… even the restroom sign? Yes, even the restroom sign or the simple employees only sign should be consistently branded with the rest of your signage system.
  • It ensures your business is visible. Have you ever been looking for a building and couldn’t read the signage to know where to turn? Ouch. Us too. Obviously that’s just silly! By choosing a great signage option for your building, you ensure people can see you, find you and shop you which are all good things for your business. While on the note of visibility, readability is similarly important. Therefore your font choice, color-contrast choice and overall design/material choice should (and must) be readable to be effective. Our expert team can help you with that.


  • It prevents you from having to re-do a mistake. Most importantly, signs are an investment that can last for years to come by taking the time to thoughtfully plan your signage approach. You can do this by starting with a comprehensive sign survey by an experienced team. Have all signage needs documented, properly measured and evaluated for permitting. This prevents any need to re-do mishaps later, and also helps you get the exact signage that’s best for your business without having to compromise on product selection due to shipping times or stock limitations.


  • It helps people feel good about the time they spend with you. No one likes to get lost and no one likes to hunt for something for hours that they could have found in minutes. Because of this, clear wayfinding that makes sense, corridors that are properly identified, parking areas that are labeled well, and restroom signs that can be seen at a distance are all great things that help people feel comfortable coming, going and interacting with you.
  • It’s a source of pride. We know you want to feel an immense sense of pride when you drive up to your place of business and find yourself greeted by a nice, professional, branded sign that aligns with your vision for your company. You want to walk through your doors and see a continuation of that feeling on and around every surface. We know because we want it for you too and we’ve seen all the great things that great signage can do for a company like yours.



There are a lot of ways to go about it, but at Pensacola Sign, our steps for ensuring great signs for our clients goes a little something like this:

  1. Brand consistency with careful attention to design choices and proofing for color match
  2. Appropriate and thorough site surveying to ensure correct measurements
  3. Cost effectiveness and value that help meet a variety of budget requirements
  4. A great range of signage products so we can be a one-stop, go-to shop for our clients
  5. Quality materials proven and warranted to last
  6. Creative problem solving to help craft solutions for our clients with unique signage needs
  7. Reliable partnership and customer service that you can trust time and time again


If you pulled into your parking spot at work today and felt that little feeling inside saying “I want great signs too,” you’ve come to the right place. Give us a call or send us an email. Introduce yourself and your need. We’d love to help make your signage great again.

If you’d prefer to just dig into things further first, that’s cool too. Here are a few helpful links:

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