9 Ways to Make Your Custom Trade Show Exhibit a Success

In today’s visually dominated culture, an eye-catching custom trade show exhibit is a surefire way to get your company noticed. But like all things, it takes proper planning to make the most of it. Read on to learn the nine ways you can maximize exposure with your custom trade show exhibit.Baptist Health Care Trade Show Exhibit Display


1. Know your goals. Why are you attending the trade show or event in the first place? Do you want general awareness, leads or something else? Know your goals so you can define success metrics and use them to fuel your strategy for trade show exhibit design.

2. Go the distance. Will your custom display be regularly shipped internationally, checked as domestic luggage or used locally? Noting how your display will arrive at its destination (and how often transport will be needed) may impact the type of custom trade show booth set up that’s best for your business.

3. Define the space. Knowing the booth dimensions at most of your key trade show events will help set a framework for the type of trade show exhibit display you could use in the space. Is a large, multi-panel backlit display appropriate? Or would a custom tablecloth and beautifully designed pop-up banner series better fit the space?

4. Less is more. First and foremost, your trade show display should include identifying company information and graphics. Secondly, it should feature the most concise delivery of your key marketing message. We strongly caution against cluttering the display with your complete sales pitch.

5. Think outside the box. Your trade show exhibit can be so much more than a standard display. Pensacola Sign can craft custom floor decals, unique posters, interactive standees and more to help you truly stand out.Jim Beam Trade Show Exhibit Display


6. Stand up and actively seek interactions. We’ve all seen the exhibitor staff sitting behind a table at the event. Instead, remove all barriers between you and your prospective customers. Stand up. Be ready. And, truly maximize your company’s investment to attend the event.

7. Leverage your trade show display. Position and angle your display so that it captures the most visitor flow. Allow it to help funnel in prospective attendees.

8. Go one-of-a-kind on giveaways. Pens, notepads and other basics may get used, but do they get you noticed? A custom die-cut creation that supports your marketing platform might be just the ticket. Pensacola Sign develops unique custom solutions to best compliment your trade show exhibit.


9. Properly pack your trade show booth. We’ve all experienced the tiredness of the final exhibit day and the desire to just back on the road, but don’t rush the packing process. By properly rolling, wrapping and securing your custom exhibit, you’re protecting your investment for future events.DustNet Trade Show Exhibit Display


Did you find these tips helpful? You’ll enjoy this type of expertise and more when collaborating with the knowledgeable team at Pensacola Sign on your next project. To learn even more, contact us or follow these helpful links:

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