Maximizing Mileage of Your Vehicle Wraps and Vehicle Graphics

By deciding to promote your business with a custom vehicle wrap or vehicle graphics, you’re purchasing one of the most cost effective ways to advertise and market your company and services. Just think of all those miles on the road showcasing your brand! With this in mind, it’s no wonder you want that investment to last for years to come.

Here, the team at Pensacola Sign has put together our list of helpful tips and recommendations. Particularly follow these to ensure you receive the highest-quality installation and longest-lasting vehicle wrap and graphic possible.

Preparing for Installation

Ensure a quality installation by properly preparing for it.

  • Premium materials are a must. It may cost slightly more to use a company installing premium cast vinyl with a matching cast laminate (as opposed to budget calendared vinyl). Importantly this will save in the long run because quality graphics will last twice as long and the removability is superior.
  • Inspect the quality of your vehicles paint job. If the paint is in disrepair or has rust/bondo underneath the graphics, it is highly likely that even the most premium quality graphics will not adhere well. Improperly prepped aftermarket paint jobs are a common cause of issues. No warranty can be given on paint determined to be subpar.
  • The Pensacola Sign team extensively cleans any vehicle that comes in for wraps or graphics. However, washing your car before bringing it into the shop is a must. A quick $5 car wash will greatly assists in ensuring premium adhesion.

Vehicle Wrap for Pensacola State College Police SUV

Maintenance & Care

A Pensacola Sign vehicle wrap will last up to four or five years with proper maintenance and care, especially if you follow these tips: 

  • Inspect your vehicles and let us know if you see any areas of concern as soon as possible. It’s always best to fix an issue before dirt or rain has the chance to get underneath the vinyl.
  • As a preventative measure, we recommend not rolling down the windows if your vehicle has perforated window film. It can cause scratches on the laminate surface and edge peeling. Likewise, if the window film is on your back windshield, we recommend clients refrain from rear wiper usage whenever possible. This prolongs the life of their vehicle graphic.
  • Never apply waxes over vehicle wrap or vehicle graphics. The vinyls need to breathe and by waxing on top of them, it can dry them out and cause premature failure of the materials. There are also glazes and special coatings available that can be applied to vehicles with graphics or wraps without issue as an alternative to waxes.
  • Avoid car washes and pressure washers for cleaning.
  • If you have a wrap that is past its lifetime, don’t delay its removal. A typical wrap removal in fair condition will take only two or three hours with a team of two technicians. An old wrap that is severely deteriorated, on the other hand, may require the same team to spend multiple days, which can become costly.

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